Our latest addition to the Fastfencer range. This is called the mule because it is designed to carry posts and spare rolls of wire and there are 2 x large steel draws below the posts, where fencing contractors store everything from staples to chainsaws.

On the front and integrated into the Mule is our latest heavy-duty model of the FF2, this has 2 pairs of hydraulic rams to enable wire feed left or right and clamp from within your cab. Our hockey stick manual locking system ensures an excellent tie off.

To ensure the rear of the tractor will run freely past the presented wire we have a sliding gate that can be locked in position to deliver left or right.

Fastfencer MULE Loaded.jpg



This does not have Hydraulic clamps and other advantages of our FF range, it is designed as a robust basic model that will take the back ache out of Stock fencing.


Our standard model suitable for excavators or small tractors comes with a choice of left or right feed options, and enables  forward and reverse delivery. Designed to take up to 1.2m stock fencing rolls. Comes with pole to enable distribution of barbed wire or attach a plain wire jenny distribution system. 




Our most popular model with the farming community, and fencing contractor. Easily attached to loader/ TPL or Telehandler comes with both left hand and right hand feed options  with dual clamping either side. Up to 2 x 1.5m rolls of stock/horse fencing. Integrated  sliding rear bracket to ensure clearance on forward delivery. Comes with steel pole to enable distribution of barbed wire or attach a plain wire jenny ditribution system. 



Designed for large netting rolls of up to 2.6m for deer fencing security and many other applications. Great robust machine ideal on excavator or front end loader of tractor dual clamping designed to take 1 roll.