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About Fastfencer

Versitile Fencing Solution

The Fastfencer attachment was designed for use on tractor 3 point linkage, front loaders, excavators, skid-steers etc. It has a hydraulically operated wire clamping system and can be manufactured to customers specifications

1 to 2 x 500m roll stock wire netting 1, 2, 3 x 250m rolls.

Horse fence netting 1200mm

Deer Fence netting 2m

Double feed left and right so the operator can use the Fastfencer clockwise or anti-clockwise around the fence line.


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Embryo installed their first otter fencing in 2014 and have installed over 30 miles of fencing..



“we have upgraded our kit to ensure we can cope with any situation, , A few years ago we bought our first Fastfencer we like it because it is robust and up to the job in extreme circumstances and enables us to manage very large rolls of Deer/ Otter fencing with ease. We are so pleased with the performance we have recently purchased our Second FF4 Fastfencer"

James Embryo​

Operations Manager

Embryo Angling




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